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I am a native New Yorker - born and raised on Long Island. I moved out west in 1993 after receiving a letter from the Colorado School of Mines. I visited the school in March, with my dad. Our plane had trouble taking off from Islip Airport due to the ice, and the unusual ascent literally left some people praying in the aisles as we got going. When we arrived in Denver, it was a beautiful day, about 60 degrees. My dad said he thought, "She's probably never coming home." I met my hubby on the tour of the school, March 11th. I had been asking about the labs in the physics department, and my tour guide said, "No offense, I stay as far away from that building as I can, but Mike should be able to help!" My dad was convinced that I had accepted the offer to attend Mines because of Mike, but I denied it. That fall, Mike spent a bit of time looking for "the little girl from New York", and we finally ran into each other outside Coolbaugh - the Mines Chemistry building. We had our first date at the T-Wa Inn on October 11th and, because we seem to do everything in 11's, it turns out the date we were able to get for our wedding in 1998 was July 11th. We live in Golden, Colorado with our cats. My hobbies include travel (the not-roughing-it kind), photography (more quantity than quality), and landscaping. I love animals, sunny days, starry nights, camp fires, the dessert, and the ocean.

This page includes information about me - my professional background and a little more about my personal background.

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Professional Experience and Education         Education         Just for Fun / Personal Writings


Professional Experience

Please refer to LinkedIn for detailed resume information.

My experience is a well-balanced blend of engineering management, software development, and hardware development. I began my professional career as a software subcontractor to Hughes Aircraft, and that led to:
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Business Development from Capture through Proposals
  • Project Management, Program Management
  • Cost Account Manager, Earned Value Management Systems, Scheduling, Budgeting
  • Systems Engineering support to design, development, integration, and verification for both hardware and software systems on terrestrial, airborne, and space platforms
  • Operational experience for satellites as well as ground system design and development
  • Near real-time software algorithm development for geo-location applications as well as detection, classification, and tracking of targets in optical sensor data
  • Image Analysis, Target Detection & Identification, and Data Visualization:
    Hyper & Multispectral target analysis (Visible, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR, Polarimetric LWIR)
    Phenomenological studies and atmospheric correction using MODTRAN
    IDL/ENVI, Matlab, Fortran, C (Unix environment)
  • Data visualization and GIS processing for change detection applications
  • Web site scripting and development
    HTML, XML, Java, Java servlets, JSP, Perl scripts, Cold Fusion, SQL, MS Access, Oracle
    System Administration on both PC and Unix platforms
  • Requirements development, flow-down and management for complex engineering systems


  • MBA in Strategic Management: Regis University, 2014.
    See academic papers.
  • M.S. Electrical Engineering: UCLA 2001, Thesis in Nonlinear Optics.
    Link the Thesis Paper:
    Up-Conversion of Terahertz Amplitude-Modulated CO2 Laser Pulses Using Nonlinear Crystals

  • University of California Irvine / Riverside: 1997.
    Here is a picture of my, my mom, and my hubby looking at the Z-pinch fusion lab, as well as a picture of me in front of the Physical Sciences building. The idea of the Z-pinch was that it would collapse a strong magnetic filed onto a frozen strand of material in order to ignite a fusion reaction. My part of the experiment would be to build an X-ray laser for diagnostics.

    Kari Sanders (Kari Rawluk) at University of California, Irvine: -Pinhc Fusion Experiment
  • B.S. Engineering, Electrical Specialty: Colorado School of Mines, 1997.
  • B.S. Engineering Physics: Colorado School of Mines, 1997.
    During my junior and senior years, I worked part-time at NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in Boulder, Colorado. Here is a link to paper on my work in fiber optics:
    Mode Field Diameter Expansion for Single Mode Optical Fibers

    NIST Young Scientist Award: Kari Rawluk (Kari Sanders), 1997
  • Suffolk Community College; Selden, New York; Physics Major, 1992-1993, transferred to Mines.
  • Bellport High School; Brookhaven, New York; Class of 1992.
    Here I am at Brookhaven National Laboratory's (BNL's) AGS Linear Accelerator, near the Hydrogen ion source in Upton, New York:

    Kari Rawluk (Kari S. Sanders, Kari Sanders) at Brookhaven National Laboratory's AGS Linear Accelerator, near the Hydrogen ion source in Upton New York, 1992
  • Verne Critz Elemntary School; East Patchogue, New York.
    I've been writing code since 2nd grade...

    Kari Rawluk (Kari S. Sanders, Kari Sanders) at the Verne Critz Elementary School's Computer Lab in East Patchogue, New York, 1983

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Just for Fun / Personal Writings

Michael Sanders and Kari Rawluk (Kari S. Sanders, Kari Sanders) in Golden Colorado, 1995

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